The Mobile Phone, Essential or Luxury

Depending upon where you live, mobile phones are also known as cell or cellular phones. They are electronic devices that enable the exchange of voice and data communication which is achieved through what are called cell sites.

Cellular technology has turned the humble phone into a device that can perform a wide host of different functions while also supporting accessories, such as sim free phones. Mobile phones of today can take photos and record videos. They can play music an surf the Internet They can provide GPS and exchange various forms of data via Bluetooth.

Mobile phones may come in different designs and varying degrees of technological capabilities but they are much smaller and lighter and than the models of before. They boast smaller components and longer lasting batteries.

Some, such as sim free phones, can even be worn attached to the ear.Of all the functions available on mobile phones, text messaging is the most common and generates billions of dollars every year. The first text message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone over sixteen years ago, back in 1992. In 1993 one was sent between two phones in Finland.

Aside from text messaging, mobile phones also can be used to listen to, and store, music. People use their phones to play games, access the Internet and for a host of other reasons. All these other functions also generate millions of dollars in revenue every year around the world.

Applications for consumers are always on the increase, and include everything. Now people can even access the tools needed to create websites for mobile phones and this is becoming increasingly popular as people use their mobile phones for much of their internet access.

With people using their mobile phones in order to access the Internet mobile companies are always offering applications. For example, by obtaining the proper application one can even create their own website, because they have been give access to the proper tools that are needed.

There is an endless and steady stream of accessories that can go with the phones of today. Depending upon your preferences you can choose anything from a simple trinket to hang off the phone, to something more high tech. Accessories even come in the form of downloads such as MP3s and wallpapers.These days, most people own phones that can go online. People are able to download a wide range of items such as music, videos, screensavers, wallpapers, and games, etc. All this enables the user to personalize their phone in the best way for their needs and preferences.

Earphones allow the mobile phone to become an MP3 player that can be enjoyed and listened to anywhere without disturbing those around you. The days of the cumbersome walkman are well and truly long gone. But if your music is to be shared there are speakers available that connect to the mobile phone and produce excellent volume and sound quality.

To increase the mobile phones memory storage capacity one can purchase memory cards to insert into the phone. These effectively make it possible to download and store much more information and data on the phone.

Thanks to the host of accessories that only serve to enhance the phone’s capabilities people have the chance to personalize their phones to suit their needs. Mobile phones are much more than simple communication devices.

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recovering NASA’s Orion Crew Module
Mobile Communication
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
Navy Divers, assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11 (EODMU11) and Mobile Dive and Salvage Company 11‐7, recover NASA’s Orion Crew Module as part of the Orion Program’s first exploration flight test (EFT). USS Anchorage (LPD 23) is currently conducting the first exploration test flight for the NASA Orion Program. EFT-1 is the first at-sea testing of the Orion Crew Module using a Navy well deck recovery method. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Gary Keen/Released)

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