Smart Mouth Mobile VoIP App Download Gives a New Twist to Unlimited Phone Communication

Spick and Span, Smart Mouth is part of the mobile VoIP application series launched by Smarter Apps LLC. The company, through its subservient solutions in the telecom industry, intends to literally turn the entire world into one small global village, where people can talk to one another as much as their little hearts desires.

How so? Visit the iTunes or Android store to get it immediately and find out why Smart Mouth is the number one mobile VoIP downloadable application by smart phone owners from all walks of life.

At its core, Smart Mouth is an application that encapsulates basic principles of Mobile VoIP into a completely new mode of communication. Straight from the virtual aisles of iTunes Store, Android application market and the general cloud libraries, Smart Mouth breaches the VoIP parameters through lowest possible call and text messaging rates.

In fact, when it comes to underselling its services, this application is literally free for long hours of peer to peer conversation. All you have to do is download the application by clicking here to believe what this nifty piece of software is capable of.

Some of the benefits of this mobile VoIP downloadable app are appended below:

* Smart Mouth ameliorates the typical call rate feature through unlimited time barriers without incurring any additional cost factor. Whenever this application sniffs Wi-Fi signals, it can be used to communicate with fellow app owners from all parts of the world.

* The cross compatibility feature of Smart Mouth is only overshadowed by its impeccable reputation. Regardless of the fact whether it’s downloaded for the iPhone, the iPad (even your iPod!) or any Android machine in general, the application touts out a crystal clear and a hassle free service 24/7.

* It’s free and it’s loaded with Personal Voice Mail Box option; certainly an invaluable feature for users on the go.

* Smart Friends and Smart App users are automatically synchronized upon first time download and activation of this ingenious application. Unlike fly-by-the-night mobile communication applications that sort an entire contact list in Alphabetical Order (not fun anymore!), Smart Mouth categorizes everything in “Smart Tabs”.

More so, apart from the above featurettes, Smart Mouth makes it a whole lot easier for your entire friends circle to download and share the application. Simply give the in built ‘Tell a Friend’ button a little nudge to spread a universal application download link through tons of Free Text Messages.

Smart Mouth Mobile is a mobile communications application providing you with the ability to place and receive phone calls (using your data plan or Wi-Fi) to all of your contacts that already have the Smart Mouth Mobile app installed. Call anyone, whenever you like for as long as you want. There are no ridiculous peak hours with Smart Mouth Mobile and SMS messages are also unlimited. Download the Smart Mouth Mobile application now and NEVER pay another outrageous phone bill again. The calls placed with Smart Mouth Mobile will be much clearer than GSM call quality so be prepared to be amazed.

Why use Smart Mouth Mobile versus other mobile communications app providers?

1. Voice Calls – Member to member Calling features calls that are not only crystal clear, and have a music on hold feature but they are also far above that of regular GSM voice quality, calls are also unlimited and do not incur roaming charges in or out of the country using Wi-Fi.

Going on vacation?
Switch your data off and use Smart Mouth Mobile wherever you find a Wi-Fi signal. Welcome to the future, say goodbye to monthly phone bills. Go ahead, Smart Mouth it.

2. Smart Contacts – The automatic import of your contact list happens in one click. But were not stopping there. Smart Mouth Mobile integrates seamlessly with your devices and makes your task of communicating so much more fun. We even label your contacts with “Smart Call” making it much easier for you to remember which number in a list of many, who’s a Smart Mouth and who’s not.

3. SMS Unlimited – Just what you would expect, unlimited text and sms messages. We have designed all of our feature sets with our users in mind. Don’t forget the brand name. Have fun saying “Smart Mouth me” to your friends now as you ask them to text, IM or call you, because we have included Unlimited SMS messages. Smarten things up even more and use our SMS or IM alert settings to personalize your ringtones and choose which sound is heard when you receive new messages. Now you always know who is smart mouthing you.

4. Smart AIO Messenger – Like everything in one place? Try our “all in one IM” see how we help you stay connected and receive your messages and communicate with ease, all without leaving the application. Log into all of your favorite chat, IM, and social network platforms at the push of a button and always stay connected to your digital world. On the go.

5. No Buddies to Add – Say goodbye to hunting for all of your buddy information and then trying to add them to your contacts one by one. Smart Mouth Mobile recognizes your contacts that already have the application installed, auto-tags them and then imports them into your Smart Mouth Mobile contacts within seconds. Pretty Smart!

Grab this amazing “too good to be true” application to experience the cheapest mobile VoIP download in a whole new way today.


Mobile Communication
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Thrill Your Life With Latest Mobile Phones

On the off chance that we think again to the historical backdrop of the mobile phones then we will come to realize that the period began in the early 80’s and afterward as a baby engineering the mobile business simply used to create fundamental level of versatile handsets that just filled essential communication need. With the headway of innovation and time, the situation began evolving. To draw in more users, mobile phone producing companies began creating such mobile handsets that were skilled to work past the limits of an ordinary communication contraption and subsequently the bi-functional mobile phones begin getting propelled in the business.

As the way of person, the needs and requests expanded with time and to stay in the cut-throat focused business, versatile makers were additionally bound to created more progressive and innovative mobile handsets.

A few years have passed and far have been crossed. Presently with the gift of cutting edge versatile engineering, individuals are getting genuinely innovative mobile handsets that are outfitted with and a lot of world-class emphasizes and have a very stylish look. Presently, the latest mobile phones go about as a buddy to improve our lives by achieving every day errands with a more elevated amount of diversity.

To make an agreeable thought regarding the latest mobile phones it would be better that we examine about a percentage of the perfect contemporary mobiles that are presently exciting the users with their special look. Among all the exquisite models from the predominant makers, a percentage of the incomparable quality versatile handsets are the Nokia N95 8 GB, Sony Ericsson W980i, Samsung i8510 etc.

The N95 8GB model is one of the cutting edge contemporary mobile phones from the pioneer of the business, Nokia. With a different look, this propelled gadget has very nearly everything that is sought by a cutting edge user. It is an immaculate blending of stimulation, business and propelled communication functionality.

The Sony Ericsson W980i on the other side is furnished with very effective features that help the users to meet all the current criteria of communication, diversion and business. With its superb camera and media player the users will have the capacity to get a definitive joy of excitement. Its installed archive seeing software additionally helps the users to view numerous arrangements of records with a preeminent level of refinement.

The Samsung i8510 is as compelling and exquisite as the past two. With a remarkable look this modern handset have different qualities with different world-class yet easy to understand features. With this refreshingly dynamic mobile the users will have the capacity to lead a progressed and straightforward lifestyle.

Anyway to make a far reaching communication not only a latest mobile phone is sufficient without a legitimate system administration versatile communication can’t be successful. That is the reason to meet the present day criteria of cutting edge and bothers free mobile communication picking the best mobile phone system with a best arrange is needed. Here it ought to be said that there are normally two sorts of mobile bargains accessible in the commercial center which are contract mobiles and pay as you go mobiles.

Presently having a flawless mixture of a latest mobile phones and network connection is not a subject to stress over. Since the Online mobile phone retailers are putting forth appealing mobile manages an extremely reasonable cost and with different lucrative mobile phone offers. By going along these lines of mobile shopping the users won’t just spare their profitable time and exertion additionally be profited by getting the best bundles of arrangements with a few offers.

Mobile Communication
Image by Malcolm Craig
Made for the 3T Challenge over at the Mobile Frame Hangar. The challenge was to create an MFZ mech without using a travis brick, tap, or t-piece.

Built in about 20 minutes whilst watching the European GP.

Contsructing microscale mecha without those bits many of us use to create articulation is an interesting challenge. One the best builds that has come out of the ‘contest’ is the Bullfrog . You should check it out.


Rent Or Buy Business Mobile Solutions?

Business needs change rapidly, including your telephony requirements. For new businesses, a long term mobile phone contract can be expensive. The immediate question (apart from how much money you have to spend on business mobile phones) is while it may be adequate for your needs right now, what about six months down the line? Are your phones future proofed and does it give you everything you need?

Short term contracts – the alternative to buying

Communication is the key to running a successful business, so only the best will do. Your workforce needs to be contactable and Intercity can provide you with a rental solution based on your requirements.

If you are not sure which solution would be best for you and your business, a short term trial of a mobile solution might be better, meaning you can try the service before you buy.

You may also need a short term mobile broadband or telephony due to an upcoming event. This can include mobile communication for temporary staff hired for an event or connectivity required whilst on site. With a short term contract you can minimise the downtime in communication and be scaleable depending on the current circumstances.

Rental of a mobile broadband device can add real value to event planners as venue WiFi costs can sometimes be an expensive add-on. By considering mobile broadband on a short term contract can significantly reduce costs without reducing the quality of service.

Short-term rental gives you a much wider range of options that can be changed and adapted as your business grows. For a fixed monthly fee, your phone rental package could include:

* Multiple products – mobile phones, USB dongles, MiFi and more
* New telephone system installation in your business means no mobile phones for a short time
* Comprehensive tariffs
* Immediate availability on all equipment
* Same day collection or delivery next day

Budgeting for growth

The main objective to business mobile phone rental as opposed to buying is to ensure that you cut costs, not quality. Short-term rental gives you all the benefits of contract without the long-term costs or commitment. With a good provider you can regularly update your hardware, ensuring that your communications are right up to date with the rest of the business community.

With such a flexible business environment dictating how we communicate, it pays to have flexible communications. By renting, you’re maintaining that flexibility, allowing your business mobiles to grow and adapt with your needs and still keeping the costs down. Future proof your business by considering mobile hire rather than buying.

For interviews, images or comments contact:
Chris Bourne
Online Manager

*Intercity has been at the forefront of mobile telephony since its launch in 1985 and continues to be at the cutting edge of this technology, with an ambition to provide innovative solutions offering joined-up, unified communications for businesses. As a dynamic forward thinking company we have diversified in order to strengthen and compliment our existing portfolio of products and services.

Chris Bourne – Intercity is a leading independent service provider in the business communications market, offering communication solutions including short term phone rental solutions without long term costs.

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Send, Message, Send: The SMS and Its Role in Mobile Communication

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1872, it has been widely used by people for calling. The invention of the radio by Guglielmo Marconi, known as wireless telegraphy, has paved the way for birth of mobile communication, which used handheld talking radios known as “walkie talkies”. These devices have been effective since their use on World War II, although the frequency limits the communication distance connecting them, in comparison to telephones. Later, the cordless phone was invented to provide people the convenience of calling people anywhere around their homes.

That’s just on the oral communication side, the written side of communication has innovated since people created drawings during prehistoric times. Alphabets came to existence as part of languages people speak since the Sumerian civilization, which led to the concept of sending and receiving written messages. Before telephones and radios were invented, people write letters and send them to their recipients through the use of postal service. It was not long until computers and Internet came to existence within the 1980s, resulting to the use of electronic mail (email) that sends and receives messages conveniently without the costly reliance on various modes of delivery.

Combining the history of both oral and written communication, SMS or short message service emerged since its first application to mobile phones in December 1982. After its debut, the number of SMS active users has grown to 2.4 billion, which makes up 74% of all mobile phone consumers. In fact, SMS has been widely used by advertisers to endorse their products and services due to the rising number of cell phone users. Due to its reliability to various consumers, 4.1 trillion text messages were sent as of 2008, making SMS text messaging service a large-scale industry, with its value worth more than $ 81,000,000,000 worldwide as of 2006.

Everyone who has experience on using mobile phones knows what SMS does. For those who don’t, SMS is simply defined as sending text messages and its one of the widely used functions of the mobile phone other than calling. It became part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) in 1985, wherein its technical definition is about sending a message consisting of a maximum of 160 characters. SMS users also changed the concept of using languages in order to hasten the communication process and to conveniently send short messages better at a limited space. For example, the English word “you” becomes “u”, since both the word and the letter are pronounced similarly. The shortcut words, like “u” and “y”, are also being used as part of Internet slang.

SMS works in a technical process, wherein the messages are delivered to a Short Message Service Center, which applies the “store and forward” method. It involves storing the message in a temporary location before being delivered to its last destination, which is the recipient of the text message. As mentioned earlier the maximum characters to be typed in an SMS message is 160, which includes letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. Messages with higher content can be sent through the use of several messages, wherein each one is initiated with a user data header (UDH) that has segmentation information.

That’s how SMS is understood in terms of history, definition, and process. You may wonder yourself which function is cooler to use, calling or SMS. What matters the most is that SMS has changed the modern society that it has taken communication all the way to the next level.

Are you looking for more information regarding SMS text messaging service? Visit www.ad4text.com today!

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4G Communication System

Technology makes new life in this world. Communication systems are the major part in our technology. 3G communication systems are still facing so many problems in communication network. 4G technology “Fourth Generation communication systems” are the new latest technology which deals with networking and communication systems. Mean while these 4G technology giving solutions for problems of 3G systems.

The standard applications of 4G communication systems to expand a wide range of new latest services like wireless communications. Depending upon data rates it introduces different types of wireless broadband communications systems.

One of the terms used to define 4G Communications systems is MAGIC – “Mobile multimedia, anytime anyplace, Global mobility support, integrated wireless solution, and customized service.” 4G Communications systems that’s cellular broadband wireless access systems have been attracting much interest in the mobile communication technology.

A change in technology makes latest services. 4G communication systems occupies new top place in wireless communication systems. It replaces all 2G and 3G systems. 4G systems handles very huge amount of data from any place at any time to wide range of data and services.

The main functions of 4G systems are to handle huge amount of data, pictures, etc. the main future vision of 4G systems are to maintain and develop the different types of networks using IP -internet protocol as single protocol. Because of this service we can access every technical application.

Every time Latest technologies will focus on business expectations. 4G systems and its applications make growth in the consumer and business development. Survey of Japan local papers says that few top countries are Japan, china, and South Korea are that they decided to work on developing new technologies such as 4G mobiles. Few days back one meeting was happened in Seoul in March with officials from the above countries, they decided to work and share information on developing 4G mobile phones.

4G mobile phone technology supports IPv6 – “Internet Protocol version 6” and provides faster communication speeds “100 mbps “, capacity and diverse usage formats. These formats would support for other public networks such as optical fiber and wireless local area networks.

Technology always needs new changes. Still some technology companies are incorporating new latest technical changes in cellular communications. Even they are calling “2.5G”, “3.5 G”. In future 4G will occupy top place in communication systems and it will replaces all these 2.5G and 3.5G.

For more details on new 4G technology and how it is useful in everyday’s life for any person you can just click Protechreviews.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community
Mobile Communication
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Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community. Vallarta Market in National City, August 2, 2014.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories, presented by Cox Communications.


A mobile phone is a telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency carrier while the user is moving within a telephone service area. The radio frequency link establishes a connection to the switching systems of a mobile phone operator, which provides access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Most modern mobile telephone services use a cellular network architecture, and therefore mobile telephones are often also called cellular telephones or cell phones. In addition to telephony, modern mobile phones support a variety of other services, such as text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (infrared, Bluetooth), business applications, gaming, and photography. Mobile phones which offer these and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.
SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed into a head whilst using a cellular phone, the higher the SAR rating the more radiation that is absorbed into the head.
A SAR value is a measure of the maximum energy absorbed by a unit of mass of exposed tissue of a person using a mobile phone, over a given time or more simply the power absorbed per unit mass. SAR values are usually expressed in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg) in either 1g or 10g of tissue.
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Reach Almost Everyone with Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development has paved a new and effective horizon where individuals as well as business community can reach and tap wider spectrum. Today, the field of Mobile App development has expanded with new features and tools offered to the mobile users. These smart mobile communication tools and features and tools have made the very process of communication easy and put it on the fast tract. There are increasing numbers of mobile apps development solutions offered by several mobile development companies.

How mobile development companies work?
These mobile development companies provide customized mobile apps so that mobile users have robust communication technologies right in their hands. It is the sheer hard work of mobile application developer that the process of mobile communication has become of high quality and reached to global mobile users. Today, with the smart and new mobile apps development procedures there is absolutely no looking behind and every mobile user is able to connect to friends in fast manner.

Just like choosing the right mobile application development is necessary, similarly making a choice of best apps Development Company also becomes instrumental here. You ought to have the awareness of features and tools, which the mobile application development company has integrated into the mobile. It is significant because if the features and tools are effective, only then the communication can take place conductively. You just cannot have mobile communication start automatically without effective communication set up. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary that practical and user friendly mobile applications should be set up by the mobile apps development company. If the mobile apps development offers effective and most practical mobile communication tools, your problem of communicating across the globe is automatically settled.

When you are buying the mobile, make sure that the mobile apps loaded in your mobile set are fully functional and user friendly. Do not just get swayed away by the designs of mobile phones as designs can be deceptive and will not be able to bring any effective mobile communication. It is only smart mobile application that ultimately helps in communicating with rest of the world in the quickest and finest manner. Effective communication through smart mobile apps development will create all the real time difference to the process of communication.

The world of mobile application development is huge and it is growing as new mobile development solutions are being created every now and then. Customized communication tools in the mobile phones have made it far easier to reach out to individuals anywhere across the globe.

Consult with the expert mobile application development team at TheMobApp.com to develop your business application for iphone, Google android and other phone users and take your business to the emerging mobile technology and make your brand popular globally. Visit site to get more info about to hire expert Mobile Apps Development packages.

Mobile Communication
Image by U.S. Pacific Fleet
PACIFIC OCEAN (Sept. 23, 2014) A Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile is launched from the deck of littoral combat ship USS Coronado (LCS 4) during a successful live-fire demonstration of the system off the coast of Southern California. During the test, the Norwegian-made missile scored a direct hit on its intended target, a mobile ship target. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Zachary D. Bell/Released)


4G Internet technology: Harbinger of a new era for mobile communication

Evolution of wireless networking as a technology

Technology is increasing and updating itself at a rapid pace across all the domains. Internet technology is one such segment that has registered phenomenal development in the last couple of decades. The era of wireless communication began with 2G and was followed by 3G communication. This was also considered as advancement in technology. Now, mobile users across the world are excited with the latest 4G mobile communication technology.

Know about 4G

4G is the fourth generation of wireless network technology that promises a lot to enable mobile communication with high output and least hassles. 4G users enjoy seamless wireless networks on their mobile devices and they enjoy wireless connectivity similar to the home broadband network. 4G succeeds the 3G wireless network technology and carries forward better speed, service and other benefits to the consumer. Simply put, it allows you to browse more, download more and stream more data by taking the same time.

4G and benefits

4G is not only faster than 3G but also provides many new advantages to the user. It is bound to expand the ambit of wireless network and accommodate many more other features than just speed. The concept of a ‘smart home’ could become a reality with 4G, as you would be able to connect and operate many of the appliances at home through your phone.

If it is not exaggerated then it may be deduced that schools will become redundant because teachers will now be able to deliver lectures online to be received at more than hundred locations simultaneously. Using this technology, students in remote villages as well as small towns would be able to enjoy the privilege to virtually attend the lectures of highly learned teachers.

4G to attain unimaginable speed

During the initial days of 4G technology, service providers say that devices running on 4G can attain an uploading speed of 40 mbps and downloading speed upto 20 mbps. However, the maximum speed that 4G can provide is 100 mbps for devices with high mobility communication during travel in vehicles and 1 gigabit per second for devices with low mobility communication used by pedestrians or stationary users.

The service standards discussed above are prescribed and monitored by the International Telecommunication Union-Radio Communication Sector (ITU-R) to produce a clear picture about what can be termed as 4G. 4G has been debated all over the world since its conception because of many confusions and ambiguities about this new technology.

Most of the users understand 4G as a wireless network service with better speed and features but while seen technically, 4G uses packet data switching techniques that distinguish it from others. Most importantly, 4G does not support the traditional circuit-switched telephony service, rather it facilitates communication over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Technically, all 2G, 3G and 4G use the same frequency but the modulation used by them is different. One of the major differences between the 3G and 4G is the concept of time slots for every user. Only few countries have been able to provide 4G on LTE (long term evolution) platform.

What is LTE?

LTE is a new technology that allows high internet speed and high volumes of data transfer comparatively at a lower cost. It precisely refers to a 4G wireless communications standard brought forward by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). LTE was aimed to provide up to 10x the speeds of 3G networks for the users of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks netbooks and wireless hotspots.

The 4G technology is yet to appear in its full swing. Once most of the countries across the globe adopt it and build infrastructure to provide this facility to their consumers, the face of wireless communication is all set to be overhauled completely. In the coming years, consumers will see faster uploading, downloading and streaming of online data because of this latest technological advancement.

Brooke M. Perry is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online tech support, with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of remote Pc support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe. Her writings on tech issues are the reflection of her in-depth interest and command she carries as a online computer support technician. Her blogs and articles have been rated high for their lucid style and easy to understand language.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community
Mobile Communication
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Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community. Vallarta Market in National City, August 2, 2014.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories, presented by Cox Communications.



Mobile Media can Help a Small Business Grow

Mobile communication media can help a small business become successful. It can effectively create a metamorphosis and change a business’s name from obscurity into one that is a household word. This communication strategy combines the best of the advertising with the most effective communication device of the century, the cell phone. It includes superior business communication and should be regarded as a supplementary or adjunct system to augment the regular Internet capacity. It has the ability to provide access to a small business’s website. Consequently, the small business using a mobile communication system should develop a “parallel website.”

The mobile web server should be designed to determine the type of system that it is connecting, a mobile device or a desktop. Secondly, business owners or principals must be cognizant of the system’s “custom applications” and consequential limitations. However, this is especially important during the developmental stage.

The principles or design techniques utilised in ordinarily used web sites must be customised, minimised, and adopted to be consistent with the mobile media system being utilised for this experience. For example, it is best to select a mobile device that is the same brand as the one being used by most business clientele and customers.

Mobile communication media is cost effective and a sagacious investment. Prospective consumers typically limit their search two words. For example, when the consumer enters “towing service” in a “click and call” protocol, towing services advertisements will be displayed. If the company is “AAAA towing,” that company’s information will be among the first advertisements displayed. For about a few pound per call, the consumer is connected. The company will typically earn two hundred pounds from a relatively cheap advertising investment.

It is recommended that small businesses utilizing mobile media advertising poll their customers to determine whether they use the services when they are stationary or “on the move,” which will help the owner decide what information should be provided. It may be necessary, expeditious, and beneficial to set up several “fan pages” in order to customise the information.

Mobile devices such as smart phones and similar communication devices enable small businesses to communicate with customers with ease, efficiency, effectiveness, or efficacy. For example, a video message, voice message, or blanket e-mail is by far the most effective and the least expensive method to communicate regarding a special event, such as a “one day sale,” free gift promotion, or a substantial discount offered on an electronic coupon. It can positively influence product demand, event participation, increase the profit margin, and help to “build business brands.”

Sam is a graduate from the University of London, where she studied business and marketing. With a passion for carrying out charity work abroad and in the UK, Sam is now embarking on a career in mobile media marketing at http://www.fetchmedia.co.uk

For more information on marketing and advertising on a mobile platform, please visit Fetch Media who provide tailored mobile media solutions and are one of the largest buyers of mobile media.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community
Mobile Communication
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Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community. Vallarta Market in National City, August 2, 2014.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories, presented by Cox Communications.



Basic graphical video to show how the communication system of mobile towers work to connect one mobile to the other mobile.
Same Video with changed background audio is available on – https://youtu.be/zLL6vQoBr48
For abbreviations, you may refer- http://www.telecomabc.com/
*Correction – MSC are Mobile Switching Centre´╗┐

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Breaking Advancements Concerning Communication And Fleet Management

The advancement of the smartphone has the potential to revolutionize communication and fleet management. Mobile devices will increase driver productivity, improve driver support, and promote timeliness in fleet-wide communications. Fleets will save money through process automation and improved vehicle maintenance. Although the number of users is still small, surveys indicate high user acceptance and willingness to implement on the part of current fleet members.

Mobile technology will provide a great deal of convenience for drivers. Drivers will receive SMS notifications when action is required, such as preventive maintenance, or when they are in non-compliance. In addition, the GPS on a mobile device will provide location, mapping, and directions. Also, more complex fleet activities, which used to require a laptop, will be done on handheld devices.

Mobile devices will also support fleet managers. Managers will no longer be tied to a desk while doing their jobs. Instead, they will be able to authorize service repairs, approve driver orders, and do other important tasks on their handheld devices. Also, managers will have real-time information, which will help them find out about issues or driver accidents immediately. Additionally, managers can turn over many easily automated tasks to drivers, such as resetting a fuel card PIN.

One of the greatest advantages of mobile is potential cost savings. Expenses will only increase in the future, as fuel prices, vehicle acquisition costs, and vehicle-related taxes rise. Mobile phones will alert drivers when it is time for vehicle inspections or maintenance. Alerts will not only save time for managers, but also save money by heading off serious vehicle issues.

Management will have to work out some kinks as they implement mobile. Data plans may be costly, and many providers have not embraced group-friendly bundled pricing. Also, the screen size and tactile inputs may make complicated tasks difficult. In addition, managers will have to decide which device to use, and then which operating system to use for that device.

Handheld phones may also contribute to driver distraction. To offset corporate liability risks, companies should formulate company policies for the use of mobile devices. Companies should offer no reimbursement to drivers who receive citations for illegal phone use or texting. Managers should also add points to employee driving records if unauthorized phone use is discovered. Employees should be informed that, if phones are found to be a cause of driver distraction in a crash, the driver will be at-fault.

The future of mobile technology is limitless. Currently, drivers can enter mileage, perform vehicle diagnostics, and locate cheap gas stations using their mobiles. In the future, onboard computers will transmit vehicle data to managers, in real time. Preventive maintenance will be based on oil life monitoring and engine hours rather than odometer readings. This will save money, because preventive maintenance will only happen when it is truly needed.

Different applications will work for different fleets, depending on what they want to prioritize. Managers should also consider driver openness to mobile technology, based on ease of use and driver demographic. However, the convenience of mobile communication and fleet management cannot be overstated. Real-time information and increased productivity will bring welcome cost savings to tech savvy managers.

With years of experience in Fleet Management, you can depend on us to deliver GPS Fleet Management, mobile data communication, and other GPS Tracking needs.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community
Mobile Communication
Image by MACSD
Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community. Vallarta Market in National City, August 2, 2014.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories, presented by Cox Communications.


Wireless & Mobile Communication
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