Smart Mouth Mobile VoIP App Download Gives a New Twist to Unlimited Phone Communication

Spick and Span, Smart Mouth is part of the mobile VoIP application series launched by Smarter Apps LLC. The company, through its subservient solutions in the telecom industry, intends to literally turn the entire world into one small global village, where people can talk to one another as much as their little hearts desires.

How so? Visit the iTunes or Android store to get it immediately and find out why Smart Mouth is the number one mobile VoIP downloadable application by smart phone owners from all walks of life.

At its core, Smart Mouth is an application that encapsulates basic principles of Mobile VoIP into a completely new mode of communication. Straight from the virtual aisles of iTunes Store, Android application market and the general cloud libraries, Smart Mouth breaches the VoIP parameters through lowest possible call and text messaging rates.

In fact, when it comes to underselling its services, this application is literally free for long hours of peer to peer conversation. All you have to do is download the application by clicking here to believe what this nifty piece of software is capable of.

Some of the benefits of this mobile VoIP downloadable app are appended below:

* Smart Mouth ameliorates the typical call rate feature through unlimited time barriers without incurring any additional cost factor. Whenever this application sniffs Wi-Fi signals, it can be used to communicate with fellow app owners from all parts of the world.

* The cross compatibility feature of Smart Mouth is only overshadowed by its impeccable reputation. Regardless of the fact whether it’s downloaded for the iPhone, the iPad (even your iPod!) or any Android machine in general, the application touts out a crystal clear and a hassle free service 24/7.

* It’s free and it’s loaded with Personal Voice Mail Box option; certainly an invaluable feature for users on the go.

* Smart Friends and Smart App users are automatically synchronized upon first time download and activation of this ingenious application. Unlike fly-by-the-night mobile communication applications that sort an entire contact list in Alphabetical Order (not fun anymore!), Smart Mouth categorizes everything in “Smart Tabs”.

More so, apart from the above featurettes, Smart Mouth makes it a whole lot easier for your entire friends circle to download and share the application. Simply give the in built ‘Tell a Friend’ button a little nudge to spread a universal application download link through tons of Free Text Messages.

Smart Mouth Mobile is a mobile communications application providing you with the ability to place and receive phone calls (using your data plan or Wi-Fi) to all of your contacts that already have the Smart Mouth Mobile app installed. Call anyone, whenever you like for as long as you want. There are no ridiculous peak hours with Smart Mouth Mobile and SMS messages are also unlimited. Download the Smart Mouth Mobile application now and NEVER pay another outrageous phone bill again. The calls placed with Smart Mouth Mobile will be much clearer than GSM call quality so be prepared to be amazed.

Why use Smart Mouth Mobile versus other mobile communications app providers?

1. Voice Calls – Member to member Calling features calls that are not only crystal clear, and have a music on hold feature but they are also far above that of regular GSM voice quality, calls are also unlimited and do not incur roaming charges in or out of the country using Wi-Fi.

Going on vacation?
Switch your data off and use Smart Mouth Mobile wherever you find a Wi-Fi signal. Welcome to the future, say goodbye to monthly phone bills. Go ahead, Smart Mouth it.

2. Smart Contacts – The automatic import of your contact list happens in one click. But were not stopping there. Smart Mouth Mobile integrates seamlessly with your devices and makes your task of communicating so much more fun. We even label your contacts with “Smart Call” making it much easier for you to remember which number in a list of many, who’s a Smart Mouth and who’s not.

3. SMS Unlimited – Just what you would expect, unlimited text and sms messages. We have designed all of our feature sets with our users in mind. Don’t forget the brand name. Have fun saying “Smart Mouth me” to your friends now as you ask them to text, IM or call you, because we have included Unlimited SMS messages. Smarten things up even more and use our SMS or IM alert settings to personalize your ringtones and choose which sound is heard when you receive new messages. Now you always know who is smart mouthing you.

4. Smart AIO Messenger – Like everything in one place? Try our “all in one IM” see how we help you stay connected and receive your messages and communicate with ease, all without leaving the application. Log into all of your favorite chat, IM, and social network platforms at the push of a button and always stay connected to your digital world. On the go.

5. No Buddies to Add – Say goodbye to hunting for all of your buddy information and then trying to add them to your contacts one by one. Smart Mouth Mobile recognizes your contacts that already have the application installed, auto-tags them and then imports them into your Smart Mouth Mobile contacts within seconds. Pretty Smart!

Grab this amazing “too good to be true” application to experience the cheapest mobile VoIP download in a whole new way today.


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