Mobile Prices Are Decided By What Factors?

A decade back, buying a mobile phone was viewed as an act of extravagance. Today, no more is it a matter of luxury or grandeur. With greater availability of technology and with an overall spurt in demand, mobile prices keep falling by the day. Today, even kids with no income can afford to buy a mobile phone with saved up pocket money!

Communication technology has made such advancements, that today mobile communication has become a matter of necessity more than a sign of opulence. We know that the price of any commodity is inversely proportional to the growth in demand. This is the reason why cell phone prices are on the decline, despite the fact that mobiles today offer more technologies than just basic calling and messaging facilities.

The prices of mobile phones depend on the number and the type of features it boasts of. Mere utility phones are becoming almost extinct with the advent of smartphones and touchscreen phones.

A smartphone brings a lot on board. Apart from calling and messaging, you can also browse the web, attend video conferencing, use social networking forums, click pictures on the camera and listen to music.

Obviously, the prices of these cells are exorbitant for the common person. In fact, the cost of an iPhone is more than that of a simple laptop computer. Other brands are not far behind either.

Talking of Apple and HTC, the brand of the cell is another deciding factor of mobile prices. Two mobile phones with same facilities and features will quote different prices just because one is from a reputed brand and the other from a not-so-reputed brand.

For instance an Apple iPhone or a Sony Ericsson smartphone may cost you a fortune, whereas a lesser known brand producing a cell with similar features may not be as expensive.

Mobile prices as you must have surely realized by now, depend on the brand and the features on offer. So choose wisely while buying one!

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Orion along transport dock
Mobile Communication
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
Navy Divers, assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11 (EODMU11), Mobile Dive and Salvage Company 11-7, guide the Orion Crew Module alongside the amphibious transport dock USS Anchorage (LPD 23) during the first Exploration Flight Test (EFT-1) NASA Orion Program. Anchorage is currently conducting the first exploration test flight for the NASA Orion Program. EFT-1 is the fifth at sea testing of the Orion Crew Module using a Navy well deck recovery method. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Corey Green / Released)

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