Finer Aspects of Mobile Applications so as to Design Mobile Website

Key Aspects Before Deciding to Design Mobile Website

The relevance of communication has been going up ever since the mobile revolution has taken place. There have been many solutions designed around mobile phones to make many business functionalities easier. The business priorities have also changed with the change in the outlook and approach from the mobile revolution. This has not only altered the way communications are looked at, but also created the demand to stay relevant and meet up with the customer requirements from time to time. Because of the mobile communication, customers and executives have been exchanging expectations which are delivered through different platforms. The present day technology has advanced to that extent where mobile phones can be used for the project delivery along with lots of options for editing the specifications based on the deliberations and considerations.

The introduction of smart phones in the past decade has changed it all. Smart phones are accessible through the internet which is generally enabled through GPRS. Other options like Wi-fi and Bluetooth can be used based on the relevance and availability. GPRS has essentially served the requirement of being mobile and still remain connected. These smart phones have also showed the new direction for many businesses that have realized the need to design mobile website. Mobile websites are possible through creating Mobile Phone Websites Design through mobile friendly options by implementing mobile responsive web strategy or converting the existing websites by implementing the mobile applications. Mobile applications help to create native applications that can be stored as icons on the smart phone screens. These applications can also be designed with the options to auto refresh and update as and when the mobile phone is connected to the internet.

The users can manually update the application based on their priorities. Generally, if many applications are running for updates on a smartphone, it will not only reduce the speed of the system, but also consume the battery which is very vital for any mobile in business functionalities. When any company plans to design mobile website, they need to first create the screens that are used the most by the users on the website. These screens can be created to be compatible with different operating systems to support Android, Apple and Mac phones. The new advancements in the Windows applications that are widely used by Nokia phones need special optimization. Once the optimization is complete, the user compatibility tests can be done through a series of testing cycles to ensure the usability of every mobile website.

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FriendSHIP One –
Mobile Communication
Image by Si-MOCs
FriendSHIP One (FS-1) is Planet HeartLake’s first interstellar starship. Designed as an exploration vessel, FS-1 is a mobile habitat capable of carrying upwards of 40 Friends for years at a time! FS-1 contains a small assortment of defensive fighters and exploratory vessels – they are maintained and launched from the Pink Deck.

The ship consists of four decks:

Deck 1 – AKA Rainbow deck – contains the galley and crew / hibernation quarters (not built (yet))
Deck 2 – AKA Lime Deck – contains the engine room and maintenance areas. Most the ships repairs and routine maintenance are done here (Built by Ricecracker)
Deck 3 – AKA Azure Deck – contains the communications center and the science/medical labs. The bulk of the ships personnel work on this deck- plotting out the FS-1’s flight path or inspecting any specimens they may encounter.
Deck 4 – AKA Pink Deck – contains the flight deck and ship hanger.

Built for the LEGO Store (Fairview) display window – this has been a long time request by the store employees.

Built from roughly 6 drum sets,3 salons, 2 vets, 1 convertables, 2 stables, 2 tree houses, a oliva’s house and some random grab bags…

I’m sick of friends 😛

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