Satellite Communication- a Boon for Communication

Satellite and Communication
What is should be best known about a Satellite? It is a self-contained communication system that enables the reception of signals from Earth and their retransmit, back via a transponder (receiver and transmitter of radio signals). Satellites are a medium for communication, the very purpose for which they are developed.
Today communication has become much faster (fraction of seconds) and efficient with the growing satellite communication services. Both the wireless and mobile communication has remarkably proved to be a growing industry. Satellite Communication System plays a pivotal role in the telecommunication industry. The under developed countries are also treading the path of rising technological know-how in terms of telecommunication, especially by the use of mobile communication.
Telecommunication Made Easy
In telecommunications, satellite communication technology facilitates the use of artificial satellite that provides links for communication among various parts of Earth. It is indeed incredible that the development of satellite communication technology has set the paths for establishing a global communications satellite industry as well.
Did you know that, there are around 2,000 artificial satellites orbiting the Earth? These artificial satellites relay both analog and digital signals. They carry voice, video and data to and fro from one or more locations across the globe.
Satellite communication technology serves the best solution even to reach out to the remotest portions of the earth. The wireless and wire line communication are way behind to score on what Satellite technology can do. Geographical boundaries are no more an excuse as the satellite communication technology can access any network.
Unit of Measurement
A powerful satellite is one which has a strong combination of bandwidth and power. This determines the capacity of the satellite. The unit of measurement is Hertz (cycles per second) MegaHertz (MHz) or KiloHertz (kHz) large bandwidths.
Types of Satellite Communication
There are different types of satellite communication system, depending upon the type of satellite and the signal being used.
Passive Communication: The satellite receives radio signals and reflects back to another location on the earth. This system is capable of multiple accesses as it uses very wide bandwidths.
Active Communication: The satellite receives radio signals and amplifies these signals before transmitting back to earth, thereby functions as a repeater. The ‘up-link’ terminal on earth transmits the radio signals to the satellite. The satellite amplifies the signals, transmits back through the ‘down-link’ to the terminal or other terminals. This system supports multiple links at one time or transmission of signals to more than one terminal.
Multibeam Communication: The spatial division multiple access technology under this system allows different directional antennas in a satellite to operate on different radio frequencies. This is a cost effective satellite communication system.
Global Positioning System: This is based on the location or position of the person or place on the globe. Commonly known as the GPS, it basically determines the position through the use of positional data and timing signals via many different satellites.
Satellite communication system has become a blessing to mankind for the numerous purposes it serves. Communication is now just a matter of fraction of seconds.

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