Sheet Metal Fabrication: Entire Process

Sheet Metal Fabrication is a process in which a piece of sheet metal is converted into any desired form through material removal and material deformation. Sheet Metal Fabrication Process is used for forming different metals like Aluminum, Stainless steel, Tin, GI ,MS SHHETS and , etc.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Process – Steps Involved
· Cutting – The cutting process may include any of the following – shearing, blanking or punching the metal.
o Shearing: It is a Sheet Metal Cutting Operation chiefly used to cut larger flanks of Sheet Metal. It is bisected along a straight line with the help of a shearing punch. As the punch penetrates in to the Sheet Metal, a fracture is noticed which separates the sheet in two halves.
o Punching: It is another type of Sheet Metal Cutting Process in which holes are punched in the Sheet Metal.
o Blanking: Blanking is yet another kind of Sheet Metal Cutting Process. In this process, perfectly measured Blanks are cut from the Metal Stocks.

· Bending – Bending is the phenomenon in which you have to put force on the Sheet Metal around the axis in order to form a permanent bend. The inner surface is compressed and the outside one is stretched to cast a permanent bend. There are two main types of Sheet Metal Bending techniques, namely V- Shape Bending and Edge Bending.

· Drawing – Drawing is the last step in the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process. In drawing, you have to form the Metal Sheet into convex or concave shapes. Sheet Metal is formed to make cup-shaped, box-shaped or other complex shapes. Lots of products like Beverage shells, Ammunition Shells and automobile parts can be made through Sheet Metal Fabrication process.

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