How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Wireless And Mobile Communication

Multi-national companies make use of a number of communication technologies for the smooth functioning of their business. Similarly, small businesses can also widely benefit from these technologies. Let us look at some of the latest wireless and mobile communication applications that can help small businesses work efficiently.

Firstly, if you have a small business, you can greatly benefit from cloud based applications. Many businesses have already adopted these applications. With this, you can lower the cost of information technology, share valuable information with employees in different locations and improve business productivity. You can use an online storage application to securely store the valuable information. This will significantly reduce the amount of money spent on expensive hardware like external hard disks, memory cards and flash drives to store information.

Another way is through mobile payments. The traditional use of credit cards and debit cards is now slowly declining among business users because of the smart phone payment methods and accesses slowly taking the center stage. This technology is changing the payments and transaction methods of small to medium sized firms.

Tablet computers are gaining popularity too. This is mainly because of the constant improvements in different online tools that are available. The fact that you can create, edit and even collaborate with the help of the tablet is compelling many people to leave their laptops at home and use the tablet when they go out. The use of these gadgets also saves time because they have great network speeds. You can also make use of the various business software tools like, customer relationship management tools, time sheets, and tracking tools.

The use of tablets can allow you to send sales representatives to sell or market your products and generate sales displays and send customer information directly to your main office. This can help you keep an up-to-date track of your business activities. You can also allow some of your employees to work from home which can help you save overhead expenses. You can also reduce overhead costs of the business by using apps that allow free messaging and calling services, especially when you or your employees travel abroad.

The latest technological advancements in the field of wireless and mobile communication are a boon to individuals and businesses alike. With features like free calling, videoconferencing, cloud sharing and storing even small business can operate on a large and international scale.

In the technology communication world there are several important things to have in place for your company to be successful. Such things like a content distribution network, interactive video services, wireless and mobile communication and satellite technology are all important pieces to have in place for your business to run smoothly.

Mobile Communication
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Mobile Messaging Application- A Revolutionary Trend in The Mobile Communication Industry

The Communication has always been an integral part of people’s personal lives, leading by time to the occurrence and perfection of telegraphy, telephony, airmail, text messaging devices and instant messaging technologies. These days, public or private mobile messaging applications, particularly instant message application developers have leveraged the latest technologies in order to help you reach anyone thousands of miles away in just seconds with the help of matching text message app, chat-based private messaging program available in the largest array of versions and configurations. From traditional means for sending small business related faxes and emails to more customized call center message solutions for large-scale enterprises to the latest choices for high-performance personal use instant messaging application for cell phones, there is an entire world of excellent ways to transmit any kind of information, whether it be text, graphics, audio or video-based, to the desired recipient.

As it is often observed in today’s home use or corporate application market, cheap is not always the best way to go. Without any doubt, you may be fully satisfied with some free message board application to power up your online community website, free text messaging application to chat with college friends, free subliminal message application to boost your self-esteem and confidence or free instant message spy application to ensure your child is not exposed to any kind of abuse, violence or sexual exploitation on the Internet. However, the broadest range of high-end email or instant messaging application solutions offered these days at relatively affordable prices is truly worthy of your attention, if you want to take the best from your chat conversations, email exchanges or private messaging sessions. Message in general is information, which is sent from a source to a receiver by any suitable means of communications; but neither PC-executable private messaging application nor instant messaging application for cell phones implies the use of purely text-based messages. As mentioned above, personal text message application, corporate call center message application or non-business related telephone message application solutions may prepare such information for transmission in any format suitable, i.e. as rich-text messages, facsimiles or voice calls.

Again, in your search for commercial email or instant best message app for Blackberry or iphone etc, as well as some free message board application, free text message app, free subliminal message app or free instant message spy app program, predetermining your exact purpose it is intended to serve and gaining a clearer vision of what benefits these messaging applications can or cannot provide you with, is essential. Just as group paging, character counter or RSS seed editor features may be of crucial importance for you while choosing free text messaging app, various add-ons offered by QuickIM instant messaging apps for cell phones or Beta Brite messaging application for LED digital displays will also require a great part of your attention while choosing the most matching option. In any case, there is not a single public or private messaging application solution available in today’s market, no matter what purposes you have and what device you work with, just make sure to pay enough attention and dedication to making the right selection and take your productivity or entertainment to a significantly new height.

The author is associated with the website Birdsrevolution.com. Birds Revolution is a multiplatform chatting application designed for iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Android, Windows Phone as well as desktop users. Rest assured to get the most from unlimited private, safe & secured chatting with your buddies, family without costing a dime.

Mobile Communication
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The Rise And Benefits Of The Mobile Communication Sector In Pakistan

For numerous years, Pakistan’s population was serviced by a shabby and poorly run telecom network. Installation and fixing of landlines was an unnecessarily worrying experience with consumers making quite a few trips to the complaint centers before any problem could be effectively fixed. Poor quality, expensive local and international calling prices and mismanagement all made Pakistan Telecom one of the most lowly regarded utilities in Pakistan. But all that became history with the deregulation of the telephone sector in Pakistan in the new millennium.

The initiative, which was meant to assist mostly the masses and small businesses in Pakistan, paid off past any hopes. The substantial population of greater than a hundred and fifty million Pakistanis was a profitable incentive for mobile and cellular firms all over the globe and in spite of licenses being handed to a good many notable international corporations, the pie was profitable enough for everybody to take pleasure in and gain substantially.

Cellular call prices plummeted quickly as the competition became more severe and services like incoming calls, which were previously charged heftily, soon became free. Other services like text or SMS messages became really cheap and emerged as a new found and highly frequent way of interaction. Teenagers and old people alike just could not get their fill. To further appeal to a younger subscriber base, special low prices were charged for late night calls with more reductions available for a personally picked number on the same set-up. Internet surfing capacity on cell phones and picture messaging soon made their debut as well.

At approximately the same time, cell phone know-how improved tremendously, allowing cell phone users to carry smaller sized, more manageable phones that were fairly economical. Popular phones like Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone, Sony Ericsson and Nokia were all easily available and there was a cell phone to meet any and every consumer’s wants and price range. Chains of cell phone sellers were set up all over the major cities with the up-to-the-minute technology affordable a couple of months after their worldwide debut. Chinese and resold stolen phones were also common at significantly lower prices with total malls geared towards the sale of similar kinds of phones. Those people, who had not subscribed to a land line in their life, now had access to economical and consistent cell phone communication.

Cellular phone corporations presented consumers with a good many pricing preferences and packages. A large number of companies provided a pre-paid and post-paid billing preference, with many convenient locations to pay for bills or buy credit. Scratch cards were broadly circulated and were affordable in nearly all retails markets, large and small. Small service providers like painters and gardeners, who were now carrying cell phones, could be found anywhere and saw their business multiply by a considerable amount. Very swiftly a cell phone became an important part of regular life. It was regarded simple and an important way to communicate in case of emergencies.

The cell phone telecommunication sector soon raced ahead of the usual cable based fixed lines in terms of subscription and share. So rapid was the expansion that Pakistan was at one time the fastest growing telecommunication business globally. Competition between the main firms forced not only mobile phone communication prices to remain low but also tremendously improved the services provided by Pakistan Telecommunications.

The subscribers were not the solitary beneficiaries of the telecommunication expansion in Pakistan. The business to the government from this sector rose greatly as well. Cellular phone communication providers are stretching out into connected technologies, such as wireless high speed internet, as well. This means more business for these corporations and superior prices and service dependability for the users. With new and used PCs becoming commonly available and economical, it looks as if the subsequent technological revolution in Pakistan is Pakistan is going to be as impressive.

Oliver effectively utilizes his mobile phone to better manage work and to remember appointments.

Mobile Communication Technologies
Mobile Communication
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Introduction into E-Learning Technologies – part: Mobile Learning


Satellite Communication- a Boon for Communication

Satellite and Communication
What is should be best known about a Satellite? It is a self-contained communication system that enables the reception of signals from Earth and their retransmit, back via a transponder (receiver and transmitter of radio signals). Satellites are a medium for communication, the very purpose for which they are developed.
Today communication has become much faster (fraction of seconds) and efficient with the growing satellite communication services. Both the wireless and mobile communication has remarkably proved to be a growing industry. Satellite Communication System plays a pivotal role in the telecommunication industry. The under developed countries are also treading the path of rising technological know-how in terms of telecommunication, especially by the use of mobile communication.
Telecommunication Made Easy
In telecommunications, satellite communication technology facilitates the use of artificial satellite that provides links for communication among various parts of Earth. It is indeed incredible that the development of satellite communication technology has set the paths for establishing a global communications satellite industry as well.
Did you know that, there are around 2,000 artificial satellites orbiting the Earth? These artificial satellites relay both analog and digital signals. They carry voice, video and data to and fro from one or more locations across the globe.
Satellite communication technology serves the best solution even to reach out to the remotest portions of the earth. The wireless and wire line communication are way behind to score on what Satellite technology can do. Geographical boundaries are no more an excuse as the satellite communication technology can access any network.
Unit of Measurement
A powerful satellite is one which has a strong combination of bandwidth and power. This determines the capacity of the satellite. The unit of measurement is Hertz (cycles per second) MegaHertz (MHz) or KiloHertz (kHz) large bandwidths.
Types of Satellite Communication
There are different types of satellite communication system, depending upon the type of satellite and the signal being used.
Passive Communication: The satellite receives radio signals and reflects back to another location on the earth. This system is capable of multiple accesses as it uses very wide bandwidths.
Active Communication: The satellite receives radio signals and amplifies these signals before transmitting back to earth, thereby functions as a repeater. The ‘up-link’ terminal on earth transmits the radio signals to the satellite. The satellite amplifies the signals, transmits back through the ‘down-link’ to the terminal or other terminals. This system supports multiple links at one time or transmission of signals to more than one terminal.
Multibeam Communication: The spatial division multiple access technology under this system allows different directional antennas in a satellite to operate on different radio frequencies. This is a cost effective satellite communication system.
Global Positioning System: This is based on the location or position of the person or place on the globe. Commonly known as the GPS, it basically determines the position through the use of positional data and timing signals via many different satellites.
Satellite communication system has become a blessing to mankind for the numerous purposes it serves. Communication is now just a matter of fraction of seconds.

We, Technosatcomm Pvt.Ltd. provide you Satellite Communication System in reasonable rates using Wi Fi technology with advanced features as well as complete support from our expert team.

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Mobile Communication
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GCL states Voalte and Motorola Solutions to Offer Android-Based Mobile Communication to Hospital Caregivers

Sarasota, Fla., February 19, 2014 – Voalte, the leader in healthcare communication technology, today announced a strategic relationship with Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) to support the Android™ version of Voalte One™, the company’s mobile communication platform for hospital caregivers.

Voalte will offer customers the Motorola MC40-HC, the first multi-purpose mobile computer for healthcare. The device improves care coordination while incorporating inventory management capabilities in a touch-based, consumer-like device running on the Android operating system. Voalte chose Motorola’s MC40-HC healthcare-grade mobile computer for its stability, enterprise durability and built-in barcode scanner. The device provides a sustainable platform for the healthcare environment, including robust Wi-Fi connections that keep staff connected, security features that help meet patient privacy requirements, and remote management of devices and applications. The MC40-HC will support the Voalte One application, which combines voice calls, alarm and alert integration, and secure text messaging.

“Our strategic relationship with Motorola Solutions and expansion to the Android client are a testament to the growing demand for secure communication in healthcare,” said Trey Lauderdale, Founder and President of Voalte. “We’re thrilled to take the next step with Motorola to continue improving care coordination and enhancing the overall patient experience.”

In addition to an increasing demand for smartphones, hospitals are adopting barcode medication administration (BCMA) in an effort to reduce medical errors, improve patient safety and comply with government regulations. The MC40-HC is equipped with a 2D barcode scanner for point-and-scan simplicity when administering medication, eliminating the need for multiple devices.

“Secure communication is a vital part of hospitals’ efforts to improve patient care and the patient experience,” said Randy Briley, Director of Healthcare Sales at Motorola Solutions. “With its ergonomic design, integrated barcode scanner, disinfectant-ready housing and tightly integrated alert and notification features, Voalte One on the MC40-HC creates a secure and manageable solution at the point of care for healthcare facilities.”

Voalte One and the MC40-HC will be on display in the Voalte Booth (#2793) and Motorola Solutions Booth (#5545) at HIMSS14, February 23-27, 2014, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

About Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that matter. Motorola Solutions trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “MSI.” To learn more, visit http://www.motorolasolutions.com. For ongoing news, please visit the newsroom or subscribe to the news feed.

About Voalte Voalte is the only company to provide a fully integrated and dependable clinical communication system that healthcare professionals want, enjoy and effectively use. Voalte products are designed to be intuitive, high-value, mission-critical applications running on the latest generation of touch-based smartphones. For more information, visit http://www.Voalte.com or call 941.312.2830.

Press Contact:
Caroline Early
Sarasota, Fla.
9413122830 Ext: 115

Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that matter. Motorola Solutions trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “MSI.” To learn more, visit http://www.motorolasolutions.com. For ongoing news, please visit the newsroom or subscribe to the news feed.

MgN-311/3025 ‘Blue Stone’ variant
Mobile Communication
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Designed for orbital operations, the ‘Blue Stone’ MgNs had superior long-range communications capabilities, an upgraded ECM/EW suite, and superior maneuverability. They were, however, lost in large numbers during the Tet-17 operation when confronted with Krill cluster-swarming inhibitors.

The example shown here belonged to the 4th Company of the 30th Composite Brigade, attached to the heavy cruiser ‘Fortunate Cloud.’

It’s blue. Very blue. Still working on getting lightbox photography right.


SMS or Texting: Tool to a Speedy and Easy Communication

SMS or Texting is the fastest and easiest way of sending a message. It is the most versatile and impact application to provide solutions everywhere at any time.

SMS may be defined as Short Messaging Services to work with digital technology called GSM (global system for mobile communication). It was first invented by the Norwegian engineers during the late 1980’s. SMS messaging is most popular in United States, Europe, and Asia. It has a feature that lets you send and receive messages via mobile phone or cell phone. The text messages in your cell phone can be up to 160 characters long. It is a new way of communication submission in just a second.

What are the advantages of SMS messaging or “texting”?

* SMS messaging is an accurate system that consumes less time than a phone conversation or sending an email. The message in your cell phone is automatically stored and can be re-read unless deleted by the cell phone user. This method proves the usefulness of detailed information. The sequence of the message might not be forgotten.

* Texting is unique and personal. It is the ideal form of conversation when you don’t want to be overheard by someone. Privately, it is more possible to be read by a person at any time and any day.

* SMS messaging is the ultimate standing SPAM frees unlike email. It is the ideal communication channel to cut clutters. For businesses and marketing, it has a wide feature of one-on-one manner to target certain customer world wide.

* Using your mobile phone, you don’t have to run out of the place where you are to simply answer the call. Thus, this technology enables you to know when the SMS has arrived. It ensures you to get connected in minimal interruption.

* SMS or “texting” is much cheaper than handling a phone call. It entails smaller phone bills. You can also convey much information in too little a cost.

* SMS messaging allows the property that doesn’t require you to be at your computer such as email and Instant Messaging (IM).

What are the Subscription Services of SMS Messaging?

* Medication reminders sent to your phone’s inbox
* Weather alerts
* News headlines
* Driving direction
* Movie Show times
* Local business listing
* Chat friends
* Market business
* Reliable to emergency

How the SMS flow its store and forward services?

The SMS message you send to your friend will not go directly on their cell phones. The message is stored in SMSC for a number of times until your friend turn his cell phone range on. At this point the message is delivered promptly on specified contact list. The messages cannot be deleted unless executed by the receiver.

How SMS or “Texting” creates convenience to business and marketing?

SMS is a so called person to person messaging. The service of Broadcasting can be applied to send a message into much larger number of people at a time from a list of contacts. It is frequently employed by large companies to distribute news and other relevant information to subscribers. Business communication is as easy as breathing with SMS. All tasks are done perfectly through instruction made by sending messages to subordinates. Clients are well informed.

How SMS or “Texting” broaden the communication of person with disability?

SMS is an efficient way and the most reliable technology for deaf or hearing impaired person to communicate precisely. It has the ability of reviewing first a certain message before sending. Also, Invitational messages such as parties, birthdays, and events are sent via texting and be received at once.

For more information on send an sms and Text Jokes please visit our website.

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Mobile Communication
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Business as Usual: Communication on the Move

In today’s business world, staying in touch with important stakeholders no matter where in the world you are can mean the difference between retaining or losing a client, receiving or missing an order or could quite simply, mark the distinction between great and not so great customer service.

The easier it is for customers to contact you the better for your business. Instant communication between customers and colleagues is essential for any business; especially if you want to set yourself apart from competitors and stay ahead of the game.

In days gone by a mobile phone with simple voice communication would have sufficed but times are changing. Access to email, the capability to view attachments and documents, and the ability to share and manage diaries online are all key functions that business executives across the globe now deem essential.

Accessing and sending emails when on the move allows you to keep up-to-date with daily business and allows you to maintain constant communication with those who matter most. Internet access places the World Wide Web at your fingertips, whilst having the ability to view and update shared office diaries, contacts and appointments means you can make the most of your time on the road and need never miss a business meeting again.

Therefore, being able to view email attachments and other documents from a hand-held device allows you the flexibility to conduct business wherever you are. The days where most of your business takes place within an office are gone and with a helping hand from technology you can go about your daily duties regardless of your location.

If you like the idea of business on the go then you will be pleased to hear that all these functions are achievable thanks to modern day gadgets such as the BlackBerry. You can choose from a range of devices that allow you to talk, email and browse the web whilst on the go. In addition, you can even synchronise your BlackBerry with your office computer in order to gain remote access to your favourite applications. The idea of having the office in your pocket suddenly becomes more realistic as the capabilities of BlackBerry services and functionality are revealed.

What’s more, BlackBerry devices and internet services support a whole host of popular applications such as Google talk, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, meaning you can hold real-time conversations over the internet. Access to the internet also means you can stay updated about what’s happening in the world around you; watch a news clip while catching the train to work and keep abreast of the matters that affect your business.

In fact, as you can read, reply, forward and create mail exactly as you would when you’re in the office, productivity is increased even when you’re away from your desk. Therefore, it is possible to perform your every day working duties, whilst on the move.

Paul McIndoe writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Mobile Communication
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The Surge In Pakistan’s Mobile Communication And Its Benefits

For a very long time, Pakistan’s citizens were dependent on an ancient and poorly operated telecom system. Installation and mending of landlines was a upsetting experience with irritated people making numerous trips to the complaint centers before any problem could be effectively terminated. Poor technical support, elevated countrywide and international calling charges and mismanagement all made Pakistan Telecom one of the most detested utilities in Pakistan. But all that soon to be forgotten with the deregulation of the communication sector in Pakistan towards early two thousand and one.

The step, which was meant to assist mostly the customers and small businesses in Pakistan, paid off past any hopes. The huge population of somewhere near a hundred and fifty million Pakistanis was a key incentive for mobile and cellular companies all over the globe and in spite of licenses being given to a considerable number of notable international corporations, the pie was big enough for all to take pleasure in and reap profits.

Cellular call charges fell briskly as the competition amplified and services like incoming calls, which were in the past charged heftily, soon became free. Other services like text or SMS messages became exceedingly reasonably charged and turned into a contemporary and highly frequent type of contact. Teenagers and youngsters just could not get their fill. To further catch the attention of a younger consumer base, special low charges were introduced for late night calls with extra cuts available for a chosen number on the same net. Internet surfing capabilities on cellular phones and picture messaging were also launched.

At nearly the same time, cellular phone equipment improved rapidly, allowing mobile phone users to carry compact, more manageable phones that were fairly low-cost. Foreign phones like LG, Blackberry, Apples iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung were all conveniently available and there was a cellular phone to match any and every customers requirements and resources. Chains of cellular phone merchants were opened up all over the nation with the most recent styles obtainable a short time after their international introduction. Chinese and resold stolen phones were also widespread at substantially lower prices with complete plazas accommodating these types of phones. Folks, who had not subscribed to a land line in their generation, now had access to inexpensive and high quality cellular phone communication.

Cellular businesses offered subscribers with a substantial number of pricing selections and packages. Several companies gave a pre-paid and post-paid billing selection, with a number of well-situated locations to pay for bills or acquire credit. Scratch cards were well circulated and were purchasable in nearly all retails super markets, huge and small. Small service providers like carpenters and electricians, who were now carrying cellular phones, could be communicated with anywhere and saw their sales build up substantially. Very rapidly a cellular phone became an important part of everybody’s life. It was deemed as a easy and an vital way to communicate in case of emergencies.

The mobile phone telecommunication sector soon raced ahead of the usual cable based fixed lines in terms of subscription and share. So rapid was the expansion that Pakistan was at one time the fastest growing telecommunication business amongst all countries in the world. Competition between the major companies forced not only mobile phone communication prices to remain low but also astronomically improved the services provided by Pakistan Telecommunications.

The people were not the lone beneficiaries of the telecommunication growth in Pakistan. The sales to the government from this sector grew significantly as well. Cellular communication providers are spreading into interrelated technologies, such as wireless high speed internet, as well. This means supplementary sales for these businesses and improved prices and service reliability for the communicators. With new and used PCs becoming plentiful and easy on the pocket, it appears as if the subsequent technological revolution in Pakistan is coming real soon.

Jason uses several downloads on his mobile phone or cell phone to better manage his daily schedule.

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Mobile Communication
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Hyperconnected people in Wien.


Smart Mouth Mobile VoIP App Download Gives a New Twist to Unlimited Phone Communication

Spick and Span, Smart Mouth is part of the mobile VoIP application series launched by Smarter Apps LLC. The company, through its subservient solutions in the telecom industry, intends to literally turn the entire world into one small global village, where people can talk to one another as much as their little hearts desires.

How so? Visit the iTunes or Android store to get it immediately and find out why Smart Mouth is the number one mobile VoIP downloadable application by smart phone owners from all walks of life.

At its core, Smart Mouth is an application that encapsulates basic principles of Mobile VoIP into a completely new mode of communication. Straight from the virtual aisles of iTunes Store, Android application market and the general cloud libraries, Smart Mouth breaches the VoIP parameters through lowest possible call and text messaging rates.

In fact, when it comes to underselling its services, this application is literally free for long hours of peer to peer conversation. All you have to do is download the application by clicking here to believe what this nifty piece of software is capable of.

Some of the benefits of this mobile VoIP downloadable app are appended below:

* Smart Mouth ameliorates the typical call rate feature through unlimited time barriers without incurring any additional cost factor. Whenever this application sniffs Wi-Fi signals, it can be used to communicate with fellow app owners from all parts of the world.

* The cross compatibility feature of Smart Mouth is only overshadowed by its impeccable reputation. Regardless of the fact whether it’s downloaded for the iPhone, the iPad (even your iPod!) or any Android machine in general, the application touts out a crystal clear and a hassle free service 24/7.

* It’s free and it’s loaded with Personal Voice Mail Box option; certainly an invaluable feature for users on the go.

* Smart Friends and Smart App users are automatically synchronized upon first time download and activation of this ingenious application. Unlike fly-by-the-night mobile communication applications that sort an entire contact list in Alphabetical Order (not fun anymore!), Smart Mouth categorizes everything in “Smart Tabs”.

More so, apart from the above featurettes, Smart Mouth makes it a whole lot easier for your entire friends circle to download and share the application. Simply give the in built ‘Tell a Friend’ button a little nudge to spread a universal application download link through tons of Free Text Messages.

Smart Mouth Mobile is a mobile communications application providing you with the ability to place and receive phone calls (using your data plan or Wi-Fi) to all of your contacts that already have the Smart Mouth Mobile app installed. Call anyone, whenever you like for as long as you want. There are no ridiculous peak hours with Smart Mouth Mobile and SMS messages are also unlimited. Download the Smart Mouth Mobile application now and NEVER pay another outrageous phone bill again. The calls placed with Smart Mouth Mobile will be much clearer than GSM call quality so be prepared to be amazed.

Why use Smart Mouth Mobile versus other mobile communications app providers?

1. Voice Calls – Member to member Calling features calls that are not only crystal clear, and have a music on hold feature but they are also far above that of regular GSM voice quality, calls are also unlimited and do not incur roaming charges in or out of the country using Wi-Fi.

Going on vacation?
Switch your data off and use Smart Mouth Mobile wherever you find a Wi-Fi signal. Welcome to the future, say goodbye to monthly phone bills. Go ahead, Smart Mouth it.

2. Smart Contacts – The automatic import of your contact list happens in one click. But were not stopping there. Smart Mouth Mobile integrates seamlessly with your devices and makes your task of communicating so much more fun. We even label your contacts with “Smart Call” making it much easier for you to remember which number in a list of many, who’s a Smart Mouth and who’s not.

3. SMS Unlimited – Just what you would expect, unlimited text and sms messages. We have designed all of our feature sets with our users in mind. Don’t forget the brand name. Have fun saying “Smart Mouth me” to your friends now as you ask them to text, IM or call you, because we have included Unlimited SMS messages. Smarten things up even more and use our SMS or IM alert settings to personalize your ringtones and choose which sound is heard when you receive new messages. Now you always know who is smart mouthing you.

4. Smart AIO Messenger – Like everything in one place? Try our “all in one IM” see how we help you stay connected and receive your messages and communicate with ease, all without leaving the application. Log into all of your favorite chat, IM, and social network platforms at the push of a button and always stay connected to your digital world. On the go.

5. No Buddies to Add – Say goodbye to hunting for all of your buddy information and then trying to add them to your contacts one by one. Smart Mouth Mobile recognizes your contacts that already have the application installed, auto-tags them and then imports them into your Smart Mouth Mobile contacts within seconds. Pretty Smart!

Grab this amazing “too good to be true” application to experience the cheapest mobile VoIP download in a whole new way today.


Mobile Communication
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More Mobile Communication Articles


Send, Message, Send: The SMS and Its Role in Mobile Communication

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1872, it has been widely used by people for calling. The invention of the radio by Guglielmo Marconi, known as wireless telegraphy, has paved the way for birth of mobile communication, which used handheld talking radios known as “walkie talkies”. These devices have been effective since their use on World War II, although the frequency limits the communication distance connecting them, in comparison to telephones. Later, the cordless phone was invented to provide people the convenience of calling people anywhere around their homes.

That’s just on the oral communication side, the written side of communication has innovated since people created drawings during prehistoric times. Alphabets came to existence as part of languages people speak since the Sumerian civilization, which led to the concept of sending and receiving written messages. Before telephones and radios were invented, people write letters and send them to their recipients through the use of postal service. It was not long until computers and Internet came to existence within the 1980s, resulting to the use of electronic mail (email) that sends and receives messages conveniently without the costly reliance on various modes of delivery.

Combining the history of both oral and written communication, SMS or short message service emerged since its first application to mobile phones in December 1982. After its debut, the number of SMS active users has grown to 2.4 billion, which makes up 74% of all mobile phone consumers. In fact, SMS has been widely used by advertisers to endorse their products and services due to the rising number of cell phone users. Due to its reliability to various consumers, 4.1 trillion text messages were sent as of 2008, making SMS text messaging service a large-scale industry, with its value worth more than $ 81,000,000,000 worldwide as of 2006.

Everyone who has experience on using mobile phones knows what SMS does. For those who don’t, SMS is simply defined as sending text messages and its one of the widely used functions of the mobile phone other than calling. It became part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) in 1985, wherein its technical definition is about sending a message consisting of a maximum of 160 characters. SMS users also changed the concept of using languages in order to hasten the communication process and to conveniently send short messages better at a limited space. For example, the English word “you” becomes “u”, since both the word and the letter are pronounced similarly. The shortcut words, like “u” and “y”, are also being used as part of Internet slang.

SMS works in a technical process, wherein the messages are delivered to a Short Message Service Center, which applies the “store and forward” method. It involves storing the message in a temporary location before being delivered to its last destination, which is the recipient of the text message. As mentioned earlier the maximum characters to be typed in an SMS message is 160, which includes letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. Messages with higher content can be sent through the use of several messages, wherein each one is initiated with a user data header (UDH) that has segmentation information.

That’s how SMS is understood in terms of history, definition, and process. You may wonder yourself which function is cooler to use, calling or SMS. What matters the most is that SMS has changed the modern society that it has taken communication all the way to the next level.

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