You Don’t Have To Pay A Fortune For A Great Mobile Phone

The cost of all technology from mobile phones to laptops has fallen it seems continuously for the last 10 years. As the manufacturing and engineering technology advances by leaps and bounds costs decrease and usage rockets. The result is you are spoiled for choice when looking for a new mobile phone.

Mobiles are now an essential part of our daily lives for both social and work use. The idea of not having one seems almost ludicrous. With the unexpected massive use of texting as a cheap alternative to voice calls a mobile is at the top of most peoples must have list.

There is stiff competition in the mobile sector with both phone makers and network providers wanting your money and custom. Market forces in this situation tend to drop prices and this has certainly happened in the mobile market. Now no matter how small your budget you can take your pick from a huge range of designs and packages that suit you down to the ground.

Most of the best deals are on contracts, which last for 12 months or longer. They can be perfect if you make many calls, send lots of texts and want picture and video capacity. With careful research you can unearth some great deals, often with phone upgrades included.

The most recent big leap forward were the Blackberry and then the iPad. They are of course not the cheapest deal on the market place but they have created a market. Their success has been noted and all the other phone makers are producing their versions of them with almost identical functions at a smaller price.

To avoid being tied into a contract for 12 months it’s worth considering a pay as you go phone. Their big advantage is the flexibility you have in relation to a contract deal and the wide choice of styles and makers in the market.

You can locate some truly good imitation phones on the market that give all the capabilities of a Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry or iPad but at a fraction of the cost. They are attractive if you want the design and style but don’t have the deep pockets needed for the original versions.

Nowadays there is a phone for virtually every pocket and you can have all the looks, style and function of a top of the range phone for a fraction of the price.

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Is Your Mobile Phone a Fashion Statement?

As you’ve more than likely already noticed, it seems as though most people are primarily concerned about looks rather than functionality, with regards to mobile phones. Of course, this applies to all phones, including the sim-free mobile phones, in that people now tend to choose a phone mainly according to its looks. Another example of this trend can be seen with younger generation girls who now frequently opt for pink mobiles in order to meet their taste in fashion and style.

We live in an era where fashion is ruler over all. If you are not up to date with the latest styles, you risk the possibility of being looked down upon in society. It is sad, but a lot of people feel as if looks are what it is all about. And when it comes to mobile phones, all the more. You will find that people are purchasing phones that are bit inconvenient when it comes to use, but look fantastic when it comes to appearance. Take for instance the new slim design phones. They come equipped with a camera, games, and internet. They are compact and can easily be stored almost anywhere. But the downside is the use of the keyboard and the probability that it could easily break. But obviously, people are no longer concerned with those aspects.

If you were honest with yourself, the chances are, you’d admit that when you last went and bought a mobile phone, the looks played an extremely important role, followed next by the various fancy features such as internet capability, camera, games and etc.

When one sim free mobile phone goes out of style, folks get to their nearest mobile phone distributor as soon as possible to purchase the next phone craze. What is even worse is that some of the features are never even used! So clearly, it is all about style and street credit. Have you found that you are one of the millions who are using mobile phones for fashion and style? If so, then you are not alone. The mobile phone has been made for so much more, but luckily we are able to get the benefit of calling them a fashion accessory as well.

Even if all we ever do is call our friends and family, a sim free mobile phone is still a necessity. So don’t be afraid to take some time to learn about all of the great features that your mobile phone has to offer. You might end up pleasantly surprised at what is beneath all of those good looks!

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A quotation from Clay Shirky’s excellent book Here Comes Everybody.

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Don’t Let Your Budget Limit Your Choice Of Mobile Phone

The cost of all technology from mobile phones to laptops has fallen it seems continuously for the last 10 years. As the manufacturing and engineering technology advances by leaps and bounds costs decrease and usage rockets. You have a vast choice to choose from with all the functions you might need.

There is no doubt that mobile phones are now totally integrated into our everyday lives. It is almost inconceivable to picture life without one. Thanks to the takeoff of texting as a popular means of communication having a mobile seems as essential as a car.

Thanks to this massive growth in the market there is fierce competition between manufacturers and network providers. This results with our free market economy in a fall in price and wide variety of choices. Now no matter how small your budget you can take your pick from a huge range of designs and packages that suit you down to the ground.

Usually a contract of a year or longer will give you the cheapest deal. For frequent users of all the applications available including calls, texts and video they are usually spot on. With careful research you can unearth some great deals, often with phone upgrades included.

For many people the arrival of the Blackberry and iPad has been a revolution. They are market leaders and thanks to their popularity the prices are slowly coming down. Now other mobile phone manufacturers are producing their own versions, which have very similar functions but are often not as expensive.

Pay as you go phones often cost more to buy than contract phones initially but of course you don’t have the regular monthly expense. There are an increasing number of great deals around offering good value and of course more flexibility compared to having a contract phone.

You may locate some really good imitation phones on the market that offer all the functions of a Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry or iPad but at a small fraction of the expense. They are attractive if you require the look and style but don’t have the bottomless pockets needed for the original versions.

Nowadays there is a phone for virtually every pocket and you can have all the looks, style and function of a top of the range phone for a fraction of the price.

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Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community
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Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community. Vallarta Market in National City, August 2, 2014.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories, presented by Cox Communications.


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Find your next mobile phone in a belsimpel or simpel store.

On the street, at work, at the cinema or at school, people find it very difficult to stay away from their mobile phone. This habit can have beneficial aspects, but it is also true that it risks turning into a real addiction. The mobile communication penetration rate is extremely high lately, and it experiences a strong acceleration. Already, in many countries worldwide, the mobile penetration rate exceeded 100%, which means that for every inhabitant of that country there is at least one mobile phone used. Even if there are people who do not use mobile phones, there are others who use several mobile terminals. Clearly, the benefits of using mobile phone are undeniable. The population of the entire globe knows a great need for mobility and communication, unprecedented. This need is exacerbated by the technological advances that allow overcoming the limits of space. Therefore, there are a lot of belsimpel or simpel stores selling mobile phones for all those interested in mobile phones.

There are some elements that you should keep in mind when choosing your mobile phone from belsimpel or simpel stores. After you have determined what kind of phone you want, you should keep in mind the following aspects that make the difference between hundreds of models on the market.

Regarding dimensions and weight, there’s the question of the functions that a cell phone has. Manufacturers are trying to make terminals as small as possible with a weight as low as possible. Miniature mobile phones (of the size of a matchbox) generally fall in the category of fashion phones, because it is quite difficult to be able to produce a phone that allows watching videos, for example, without having to increase the size of the screen and adding a few extra grams to the device. So the choice depends on your needs.

If you need a business phone or a multimedia terminal, you will have a bigger phone with a larger weight. If you want a phone with multimedia features, an issue that is important to take care of is the size of the keys and of the screen, because it is sometimes difficult to watch a video on a screen which is too small, and if you want to send e-mails from your phone, it will definitely be very difficult to use a cramped keyboard for a long time.

If you decide to give up on gadgets, but you are passionate about music for example, you can find all the functions of an MP3 player in a telephone based on multimedia features. If you forgot your camera at home, but you want to capture a picture which is worth a thousand words, you can try a phone with an integrated camera, with a resolution as good as possible and preferably equipped with a flash. There are many advantages of this function: for example, you do not have to always have a digital camera with you and, moreover, you can immortalize the memorable moments wherever you are and you can then send the photo to your friends via MMS or e-mail.

Belsimpel or simpel stores are the best places where you can find a multitude of mobile phones, available either with a subscription or with a prepaid sim.

Mobile worker
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Work is kinda busy last few weeks. Last week I worked a day in my car. Part of my work is programming GPS tracking systems that are used in cars. One of our products is specifically good in saving data communications costs when driving abroad. In order to program the software and test the cross-border results, I went from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to Lille (France) and back. This is what my office looked like that day.

This video presentation provides background information on the operation of mobile communication systems.
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Smart Mouth Mobile VoIP App Download Gives a New Twist to Unlimited Phone Communication

Spick and Span, Smart Mouth is part of the mobile VoIP application series launched by Smarter Apps LLC. The company, through its subservient solutions in the telecom industry, intends to literally turn the entire world into one small global village, where people can talk to one another as much as their little hearts desires.

How so? Visit the iTunes or Android store to get it immediately and find out why Smart Mouth is the number one mobile VoIP downloadable application by smart phone owners from all walks of life.

At its core, Smart Mouth is an application that encapsulates basic principles of Mobile VoIP into a completely new mode of communication. Straight from the virtual aisles of iTunes Store, Android application market and the general cloud libraries, Smart Mouth breaches the VoIP parameters through lowest possible call and text messaging rates.

In fact, when it comes to underselling its services, this application is literally free for long hours of peer to peer conversation. All you have to do is download the application by clicking here to believe what this nifty piece of software is capable of.

Some of the benefits of this mobile VoIP downloadable app are appended below:

* Smart Mouth ameliorates the typical call rate feature through unlimited time barriers without incurring any additional cost factor. Whenever this application sniffs Wi-Fi signals, it can be used to communicate with fellow app owners from all parts of the world.

* The cross compatibility feature of Smart Mouth is only overshadowed by its impeccable reputation. Regardless of the fact whether it’s downloaded for the iPhone, the iPad (even your iPod!) or any Android machine in general, the application touts out a crystal clear and a hassle free service 24/7.

* It’s free and it’s loaded with Personal Voice Mail Box option; certainly an invaluable feature for users on the go.

* Smart Friends and Smart App users are automatically synchronized upon first time download and activation of this ingenious application. Unlike fly-by-the-night mobile communication applications that sort an entire contact list in Alphabetical Order (not fun anymore!), Smart Mouth categorizes everything in “Smart Tabs”.

More so, apart from the above featurettes, Smart Mouth makes it a whole lot easier for your entire friends circle to download and share the application. Simply give the in built ‘Tell a Friend’ button a little nudge to spread a universal application download link through tons of Free Text Messages.

Smart Mouth Mobile is a mobile communications application providing you with the ability to place and receive phone calls (using your data plan or Wi-Fi) to all of your contacts that already have the Smart Mouth Mobile app installed. Call anyone, whenever you like for as long as you want. There are no ridiculous peak hours with Smart Mouth Mobile and SMS messages are also unlimited. Download the Smart Mouth Mobile application now and NEVER pay another outrageous phone bill again. The calls placed with Smart Mouth Mobile will be much clearer than GSM call quality so be prepared to be amazed.

Why use Smart Mouth Mobile versus other mobile communications app providers?

1. Voice Calls – Member to member Calling features calls that are not only crystal clear, and have a music on hold feature but they are also far above that of regular GSM voice quality, calls are also unlimited and do not incur roaming charges in or out of the country using Wi-Fi.

Going on vacation?
Switch your data off and use Smart Mouth Mobile wherever you find a Wi-Fi signal. Welcome to the future, say goodbye to monthly phone bills. Go ahead, Smart Mouth it.

2. Smart Contacts – The automatic import of your contact list happens in one click. But were not stopping there. Smart Mouth Mobile integrates seamlessly with your devices and makes your task of communicating so much more fun. We even label your contacts with “Smart Call” making it much easier for you to remember which number in a list of many, who’s a Smart Mouth and who’s not.

3. SMS Unlimited – Just what you would expect, unlimited text and sms messages. We have designed all of our feature sets with our users in mind. Don’t forget the brand name. Have fun saying “Smart Mouth me” to your friends now as you ask them to text, IM or call you, because we have included Unlimited SMS messages. Smarten things up even more and use our SMS or IM alert settings to personalize your ringtones and choose which sound is heard when you receive new messages. Now you always know who is smart mouthing you.

4. Smart AIO Messenger – Like everything in one place? Try our “all in one IM” see how we help you stay connected and receive your messages and communicate with ease, all without leaving the application. Log into all of your favorite chat, IM, and social network platforms at the push of a button and always stay connected to your digital world. On the go.

5. No Buddies to Add – Say goodbye to hunting for all of your buddy information and then trying to add them to your contacts one by one. Smart Mouth Mobile recognizes your contacts that already have the application installed, auto-tags them and then imports them into your Smart Mouth Mobile contacts within seconds. Pretty Smart!

Grab this amazing “too good to be true” application to experience the cheapest mobile VoIP download in a whole new way today.


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The Mobile Phone, Essential or Luxury

Depending upon where you live, mobile phones are also known as cell or cellular phones. They are electronic devices that enable the exchange of voice and data communication which is achieved through what are called cell sites.

Cellular technology has turned the humble phone into a device that can perform a wide host of different functions while also supporting accessories, such as sim free phones. Mobile phones of today can take photos and record videos. They can play music an surf the Internet They can provide GPS and exchange various forms of data via Bluetooth.

Mobile phones may come in different designs and varying degrees of technological capabilities but they are much smaller and lighter and than the models of before. They boast smaller components and longer lasting batteries.

Some, such as sim free phones, can even be worn attached to the ear.Of all the functions available on mobile phones, text messaging is the most common and generates billions of dollars every year. The first text message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone over sixteen years ago, back in 1992. In 1993 one was sent between two phones in Finland.

Aside from text messaging, mobile phones also can be used to listen to, and store, music. People use their phones to play games, access the Internet and for a host of other reasons. All these other functions also generate millions of dollars in revenue every year around the world.

Applications for consumers are always on the increase, and include everything. Now people can even access the tools needed to create websites for mobile phones and this is becoming increasingly popular as people use their mobile phones for much of their internet access.

With people using their mobile phones in order to access the Internet mobile companies are always offering applications. For example, by obtaining the proper application one can even create their own website, because they have been give access to the proper tools that are needed.

There is an endless and steady stream of accessories that can go with the phones of today. Depending upon your preferences you can choose anything from a simple trinket to hang off the phone, to something more high tech. Accessories even come in the form of downloads such as MP3s and wallpapers.These days, most people own phones that can go online. People are able to download a wide range of items such as music, videos, screensavers, wallpapers, and games, etc. All this enables the user to personalize their phone in the best way for their needs and preferences.

Earphones allow the mobile phone to become an MP3 player that can be enjoyed and listened to anywhere without disturbing those around you. The days of the cumbersome walkman are well and truly long gone. But if your music is to be shared there are speakers available that connect to the mobile phone and produce excellent volume and sound quality.

To increase the mobile phones memory storage capacity one can purchase memory cards to insert into the phone. These effectively make it possible to download and store much more information and data on the phone.

Thanks to the host of accessories that only serve to enhance the phone’s capabilities people have the chance to personalize their phones to suit their needs. Mobile phones are much more than simple communication devices.

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recovering NASA’s Orion Crew Module
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Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
Navy Divers, assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11 (EODMU11) and Mobile Dive and Salvage Company 11‐7, recover NASA’s Orion Crew Module as part of the Orion Program’s first exploration flight test (EFT). USS Anchorage (LPD 23) is currently conducting the first exploration test flight for the NASA Orion Program. EFT-1 is the first at-sea testing of the Orion Crew Module using a Navy well deck recovery method. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Gary Keen/Released)

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