How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Wireless And Mobile Communication

Multi-national companies make use of a number of communication technologies for the smooth functioning of their business. Similarly, small businesses can also widely benefit from these technologies. Let us look at some of the latest wireless and mobile communication applications that can help small businesses work efficiently.

Firstly, if you have a small business, you can greatly benefit from cloud based applications. Many businesses have already adopted these applications. With this, you can lower the cost of information technology, share valuable information with employees in different locations and improve business productivity. You can use an online storage application to securely store the valuable information. This will significantly reduce the amount of money spent on expensive hardware like external hard disks, memory cards and flash drives to store information.

Another way is through mobile payments. The traditional use of credit cards and debit cards is now slowly declining among business users because of the smart phone payment methods and accesses slowly taking the center stage. This technology is changing the payments and transaction methods of small to medium sized firms.

Tablet computers are gaining popularity too. This is mainly because of the constant improvements in different online tools that are available. The fact that you can create, edit and even collaborate with the help of the tablet is compelling many people to leave their laptops at home and use the tablet when they go out. The use of these gadgets also saves time because they have great network speeds. You can also make use of the various business software tools like, customer relationship management tools, time sheets, and tracking tools.

The use of tablets can allow you to send sales representatives to sell or market your products and generate sales displays and send customer information directly to your main office. This can help you keep an up-to-date track of your business activities. You can also allow some of your employees to work from home which can help you save overhead expenses. You can also reduce overhead costs of the business by using apps that allow free messaging and calling services, especially when you or your employees travel abroad.

The latest technological advancements in the field of wireless and mobile communication are a boon to individuals and businesses alike. With features like free calling, videoconferencing, cloud sharing and storing even small business can operate on a large and international scale.

In the technology communication world there are several important things to have in place for your company to be successful. Such things like a content distribution network, interactive video services, wireless and mobile communication and satellite technology are all important pieces to have in place for your business to run smoothly.

Mobile Communication
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Boost your small business with Mobile Marketing techniques

Over the past few years, mobile has taken its role as the massive device taking the entire world into its control. It is considered as the preeminent medium to advertise and promote any kind of business. Mobile marketing enables organizations to interact and communicate with their customers by means of a mobile device or network. Mobile marketing technique is expected to reach dominant levels faster than any other medium. Now-a-days the most preferred way of communication is mobile communication. It is estimated averagely that around 4 billion text messages are send and received daily. Mobile marketing via text messaging generally includes permission based or opt-in approaches.

You may now think, whether this mobile marketing approach could workout for a small business. A small business is a privately owned business with less number of employees, which thereby serves you with a relatively low income. It might be a bakery, hairdresser, beauty parlor, restaurant or anything similar to these. If you own a small business, then there is nothing for you to concern about bringing mobile marketing medium to your business. Now-a-days even a common man owns a mobile and by means of mobile marketing you can enhance any kind of business. To begin with, make a deal with companies or organizations that have experience and powers in mobile world. Get hold of persons who have influence with mobile companies. You can also go through several online sites that give a vast idea on the different mobile agencies and the rates they fix for each means of marketing. The rates may depend on whether the mobile marketing is via SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, infrared or any other approach. You could select the one that suits your business.

In case if you own a small business say a restaurant, then initially create a website for your business, saying the features and services that your restaurant provides. For creating a website you no need to afford a single buck, since there several softwares are available for this purpose. With this, search engines like Google would take care of the job. They enhance your business by displaying your site at their result pages and thereby serve you with significant number of users. Since most of the people use mobile internet, it is easy for them to gain knowledge about your small business. Google Maps is typically meant to provide info about the business in a particular area. It is preferable to create a mobile friendly site.

The next way to promote your small business is by means of mobile advertising networks. By allowing ad placements, your small business could get a wide exposure. Several social media platforms like twitter and Facebook are allowed free access via mobiles. There are a lot of people accessing these pages through mobile. Hence on creating your own accounts in these social media sites, people in your area would get to know about your services and products.

The author of this article has expertise in mobile marketing software. The articles on text message marketing reveals the author’s knowledge on the same. The author has written many articles on mobile marketing techniques as well.

Egypt: Timeline of Communication Shutdown during the Revolution مصر: رسم توضيحي لقطع خدمات الاتصالات في الثورة
Mobile Communication
Image by RamyRaoof
About: diagram to illustrate sequence of communications shutdown Egyptians went through from 25 January to 06 February 2011. Times mentioned are according to Egypt local time. Numbers in the diagram are approximate. Diagram gets updated with info when possible. (last update October 2011)

Official Numbers, Jan 2011: Internet Users 23.51 Million – Mobile Subscribers 71.45 Million.

Reports, Jan 2011: Facebook Users 4,634,600 (7.6% of population).
Reports, Jan-March 2011: avg. Twitter Users: 131,204 (0,15% of population).

هذ الرسم يوضح تتابع قطع خدمات الاتصالات التي مر بها المصريين في الفترة ما بين 25 يناير إلي 6 فبراير 2011. المواقيت المذكورة وفقا لتوقيت القاهرة والأرقام المذكورة تقريبية. يتم تحديث الرسم عند الوصول لمعلومات أدق أو جديدة. اخر تحديث: أكتوبر 2011

By: Ramy Raoof

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Mobile Media can Help a Small Business Grow

Mobile communication media can help a small business become successful. It can effectively create a metamorphosis and change a business’s name from obscurity into one that is a household word. This communication strategy combines the best of the advertising with the most effective communication device of the century, the cell phone. It includes superior business communication and should be regarded as a supplementary or adjunct system to augment the regular Internet capacity. It has the ability to provide access to a small business’s website. Consequently, the small business using a mobile communication system should develop a “parallel website.”

The mobile web server should be designed to determine the type of system that it is connecting, a mobile device or a desktop. Secondly, business owners or principals must be cognizant of the system’s “custom applications” and consequential limitations. However, this is especially important during the developmental stage.

The principles or design techniques utilised in ordinarily used web sites must be customised, minimised, and adopted to be consistent with the mobile media system being utilised for this experience. For example, it is best to select a mobile device that is the same brand as the one being used by most business clientele and customers.

Mobile communication media is cost effective and a sagacious investment. Prospective consumers typically limit their search two words. For example, when the consumer enters “towing service” in a “click and call” protocol, towing services advertisements will be displayed. If the company is “AAAA towing,” that company’s information will be among the first advertisements displayed. For about a few pound per call, the consumer is connected. The company will typically earn two hundred pounds from a relatively cheap advertising investment.

It is recommended that small businesses utilizing mobile media advertising poll their customers to determine whether they use the services when they are stationary or “on the move,” which will help the owner decide what information should be provided. It may be necessary, expeditious, and beneficial to set up several “fan pages” in order to customise the information.

Mobile devices such as smart phones and similar communication devices enable small businesses to communicate with customers with ease, efficiency, effectiveness, or efficacy. For example, a video message, voice message, or blanket e-mail is by far the most effective and the least expensive method to communicate regarding a special event, such as a “one day sale,” free gift promotion, or a substantial discount offered on an electronic coupon. It can positively influence product demand, event participation, increase the profit margin, and help to “build business brands.”

Sam is a graduate from the University of London, where she studied business and marketing. With a passion for carrying out charity work abroad and in the UK, Sam is now embarking on a career in mobile media marketing at http://www.fetchmedia.co.uk

For more information on marketing and advertising on a mobile platform, please visit Fetch Media who provide tailored mobile media solutions and are one of the largest buyers of mobile media.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community
Mobile Communication
Image by MACSD
Tu Voz Mobile Stories in the Community. Vallarta Market in National City, August 2, 2014.

Tu Voz Mobile Stories, presented by Cox Communications.



Basic graphical video to show how the communication system of mobile towers work to connect one mobile to the other mobile.
Same Video with changed background audio is available on – https://youtu.be/zLL6vQoBr48
For abbreviations, you may refer- http://www.telecomabc.com/
*Correction – MSC are Mobile Switching Centre

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