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Mobile solutions are now being utilized for diverse fields like healthcare, education, disaster management, transportation, social networking, businesses and many more. There are wide ranges of third party companies that can offer services for different mobile apps. These providers are expert in the field of mobile development and mobile solutions. It is good to know that you can get the service of a reputable and trusted mobile solutions provider Toronto. They will be able to give you application that are according to your specific needs and requirements. Today, there are different mobile devices or platform such as iPhone, android, blackberry, iPad, Symbian, Windows and many more. Developers that can develop mobile solutions for these platforms are experienced and expert when it comes to advance technology.

They can develop applications that are based on standard and can provide high level of performance. There are wide arrays of mobile solutions provider Toronto that can offer various types of features for each application base on the need of users. The best provider can build a workforce using remote access to details such as contact information, asset history, information, completion date, contracts and more. Aside from that, a good provider allows organizations to update status of work order in real time through an excellent communication system. You will be given a quick access to different corporate services to get information anytime and anywhere you are in the world.

With the use of cloud management Toronto, customers will be able to acquire information, communicate and make online purchase. To meet customer requirements, mobile developers are designing applications that are suitable to a particular business environment. It can cover diverse domains like network programming and help those who want to shift to 3g and 4g technology. Reputable company with lots of positive feedbacks online only hires professionals with right knowledge and experience in website development, application development and website database solutions development.

Application developers that can offer cloud management Toronto is a growing sector and it leads to two important trends such as mobile communication and outsourcing. These service providers can offer similar benefits from mobile application. Modern mobile phones enable users to connect to wireless connection. Unfortunately, there are still organizations and businesses that reject the idea of acquiring mobile solutions because some of them think that it requires expensive maintenance cost and huge set-up which is not true. There are trusted companies that can offer affordable up front cost, training cost and offer support using cloud management.

In short, mobile solution providers play a vital role in the development of many organizations and companies in today’s modern time. Expert and professional mobile solution providers can develop applications that can handle the needs of your company. If you think that your business is left behind by your competitors in the market, then you need to take your business to the next level and consider mobile solutions to reach more customers. There are numbers of providers online, but you need to ensure that you only choose one that can offer exactly what your business need.

Cloud management Toronto is one of the most in demand service today and only a reputable http://www.crmtrilogix.com/page/12/1/Products/Mobile-Solutions – mobile solutions provider Toronto can offer high quality service.

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Communication tower near Tuggeranong Hill.

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GCL states Voalte and Motorola Solutions to Offer Android-Based Mobile Communication to Hospital Caregivers

Sarasota, Fla., February 19, 2014 – Voalte, the leader in healthcare communication technology, today announced a strategic relationship with Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) to support the Android™ version of Voalte One™, the company’s mobile communication platform for hospital caregivers.

Voalte will offer customers the Motorola MC40-HC, the first multi-purpose mobile computer for healthcare. The device improves care coordination while incorporating inventory management capabilities in a touch-based, consumer-like device running on the Android operating system. Voalte chose Motorola’s MC40-HC healthcare-grade mobile computer for its stability, enterprise durability and built-in barcode scanner. The device provides a sustainable platform for the healthcare environment, including robust Wi-Fi connections that keep staff connected, security features that help meet patient privacy requirements, and remote management of devices and applications. The MC40-HC will support the Voalte One application, which combines voice calls, alarm and alert integration, and secure text messaging.

“Our strategic relationship with Motorola Solutions and expansion to the Android client are a testament to the growing demand for secure communication in healthcare,” said Trey Lauderdale, Founder and President of Voalte. “We’re thrilled to take the next step with Motorola to continue improving care coordination and enhancing the overall patient experience.”

In addition to an increasing demand for smartphones, hospitals are adopting barcode medication administration (BCMA) in an effort to reduce medical errors, improve patient safety and comply with government regulations. The MC40-HC is equipped with a 2D barcode scanner for point-and-scan simplicity when administering medication, eliminating the need for multiple devices.

“Secure communication is a vital part of hospitals’ efforts to improve patient care and the patient experience,” said Randy Briley, Director of Healthcare Sales at Motorola Solutions. “With its ergonomic design, integrated barcode scanner, disinfectant-ready housing and tightly integrated alert and notification features, Voalte One on the MC40-HC creates a secure and manageable solution at the point of care for healthcare facilities.”

Voalte One and the MC40-HC will be on display in the Voalte Booth (#2793) and Motorola Solutions Booth (#5545) at HIMSS14, February 23-27, 2014, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

About Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that matter. Motorola Solutions trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “MSI.” To learn more, visit http://www.motorolasolutions.com. For ongoing news, please visit the newsroom or subscribe to the news feed.

About Voalte Voalte is the only company to provide a fully integrated and dependable clinical communication system that healthcare professionals want, enjoy and effectively use. Voalte products are designed to be intuitive, high-value, mission-critical applications running on the latest generation of touch-based smartphones. For more information, visit http://www.Voalte.com or call 941.312.2830.

Press Contact:
Caroline Early
Sarasota, Fla.
9413122830 Ext: 115

Motorola Solutions Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that matter. Motorola Solutions trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “MSI.” To learn more, visit http://www.motorolasolutions.com. For ongoing news, please visit the newsroom or subscribe to the news feed.

MgN-311/3025 ‘Blue Stone’ variant
Mobile Communication
Image by Malcolm Craig
Designed for orbital operations, the ‘Blue Stone’ MgNs had superior long-range communications capabilities, an upgraded ECM/EW suite, and superior maneuverability. They were, however, lost in large numbers during the Tet-17 operation when confronted with Krill cluster-swarming inhibitors.

The example shown here belonged to the 4th Company of the 30th Composite Brigade, attached to the heavy cruiser ‘Fortunate Cloud.’

It’s blue. Very blue. Still working on getting lightbox photography right.


Rent Or Buy Business Mobile Solutions?

Business needs change rapidly, including your telephony requirements. For new businesses, a long term mobile phone contract can be expensive. The immediate question (apart from how much money you have to spend on business mobile phones) is while it may be adequate for your needs right now, what about six months down the line? Are your phones future proofed and does it give you everything you need?

Short term contracts – the alternative to buying

Communication is the key to running a successful business, so only the best will do. Your workforce needs to be contactable and Intercity can provide you with a rental solution based on your requirements.

If you are not sure which solution would be best for you and your business, a short term trial of a mobile solution might be better, meaning you can try the service before you buy.

You may also need a short term mobile broadband or telephony due to an upcoming event. This can include mobile communication for temporary staff hired for an event or connectivity required whilst on site. With a short term contract you can minimise the downtime in communication and be scaleable depending on the current circumstances.

Rental of a mobile broadband device can add real value to event planners as venue WiFi costs can sometimes be an expensive add-on. By considering mobile broadband on a short term contract can significantly reduce costs without reducing the quality of service.

Short-term rental gives you a much wider range of options that can be changed and adapted as your business grows. For a fixed monthly fee, your phone rental package could include:

* Multiple products – mobile phones, USB dongles, MiFi and more
* New telephone system installation in your business means no mobile phones for a short time
* Comprehensive tariffs
* Immediate availability on all equipment
* Same day collection or delivery next day

Budgeting for growth

The main objective to business mobile phone rental as opposed to buying is to ensure that you cut costs, not quality. Short-term rental gives you all the benefits of contract without the long-term costs or commitment. With a good provider you can regularly update your hardware, ensuring that your communications are right up to date with the rest of the business community.

With such a flexible business environment dictating how we communicate, it pays to have flexible communications. By renting, you’re maintaining that flexibility, allowing your business mobiles to grow and adapt with your needs and still keeping the costs down. Future proof your business by considering mobile hire rather than buying.

For interviews, images or comments contact:
Chris Bourne
Online Manager

*Intercity has been at the forefront of mobile telephony since its launch in 1985 and continues to be at the cutting edge of this technology, with an ambition to provide innovative solutions offering joined-up, unified communications for businesses. As a dynamic forward thinking company we have diversified in order to strengthen and compliment our existing portfolio of products and services.

Chris Bourne – Intercity is a leading independent service provider in the business communications market, offering communication solutions including short term phone rental solutions without long term costs.

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